Automobile negligence case settled for $950,000 regarding a severe intersectional motor vehicle accident in Lenawee County

September 2011: Courtney E. Morgan, Jr. settled an automobile negligence case for $950,000 regarding a severe intersectional motor vehicle accident in Lenawee County. Plaintiff was 80 years old and severely injured when his vehicle was struck by three objects: defendant’s vehicle, a utility pole, and a house on the southwest corner of the intersection where the crash occurred. Defendant’s vehicle struck plaintiff’s vehicle first, forcing it into the utility pole, and then the corner of the house. The parties battled over the cause of the accident. Plaintiff contended that the massive damage to the passenger side of plaintiff’s vehicle was inflicted by the front of the defendant’s vehicle when it ran, at a high rate of speed, a stop sign placed for southbound vehicles on Wellsville Hwy at its intersection with Deerfield. Plaintiff further contended that the rounded, crescent-shaped damage to the left rear quarter panel and trunk of the plaintiff’s vehicle occurred as the defendant’s vehicle pushed plaintiff’s vehicle across Deerfield and into a utility pole located on the southwest corner of the intersection.

Defendant, on the other hand, contended that plaintiff was southbound on Wellsville Highway and ran the stop sign, pulling out in front defendant. Defendant claimed the massive passenger side damage on plaintiff’s vehicle was inflicted not by the defendant’s vehicle, but by the utility pole after the defendant struck the left rear of plaintiff’s vehicle and spun it around into the pole.   

The key to winning the case was the firm’s use of the top accident reconstruction expert in the state of Michigan, and obtaining paint samples and other evidence from the vehicles to show that plaintiff’s version of the collision was true. Also, plaintiff filed and argued numerous motions prior to trial regarding important evidentiary issues, which were granted in plaintiff’s favor.

Prior to the accident, our client was a vibrant, energetic man who worked part time making deliveries. He enjoyed hiking, skiing and bike riding and loved his part time job. He suffered severe head, chest and abdominal injuries in the accident and is now connected to a tracheotomy tube, is fed through the tube, speaks incoherently, cannot stand or walk, but he still knows his wife and he is well aware of his incapacity. He will live the rest of his life in a nursing facility.

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