Plaintiffs awarded more than $300,000 by a Wexford County Circuit Court jury

February 2011: Plaintiffs awarded over $300,000 by a Wexford County Circuit Court jury. Over the July 4, 2008 holiday, the couple stayed at the Super 8 motel in Cadillac, MI. Using the hot tub at the Super 8, which was not properly maintained with chlorine or bromine, the wife was contaminated with the legionella bacteria and contracted a life-threatening case of Legionnaires’ Disease. She ultimately recovered from that, but has residual health issues as a consequence of the Super’s 8’s negligence. The operators of the Super 8, admitted in a filing with the Court that the Super 8 failed to maintain the spa according to state law, and that it was negligent in its maintenance of the spa. They further admitted that this negligence caused the wife’s Legionnaires Disease. Courtney E. Morgan, Jr. was the plaintiffs’ attorney.

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